Thu 18th Apr 2019 / 18:00pm  



At first sight, everything in Madrepaz seems to be made up of impulses. Fast. Immediate. But not quite. In fact, to tell this story you have to return to the early 00's, when Pedro and Canina line up in their first joint project, Os Golpes. After three records - and strong applause, for example, at times like "Go There, Lady", shared with Rui Pregal da Cunha -, the final stop of The Golpes paria The Armada.


There, Pedro and Canina joined Ricardo, who present to the world a Classical EP in 2013, but who, faced with an album (Spiral) that they did not feel able to show, step back and understand that they wanted do something different. In the summer of 2015, Joao, who had been Canina's colleague at the Hot Club Portugal, joined the three - and so were the premises for the Madrepaz.


But that is the sober side of this whole affair. The Madrepaz are much more than a band - they are a collective that finds in tribal-style retreats the freedom that only the isolation allows to reach. This freedom is reached to the sound of music, with albums exhausted, dissected, shared, to the point where this legacy becomes something new. So new that, to define it, they "invented" their own musical genre. In Madrepaz's xamanic pop, devotion to the work of Zeca Afonso can dance to the rhythm of flamenco, the psychedelic can occupy the desert and the fuzz can sit and drink tea. Nothing here is impossible because the Motherpaz are governed by imagination. An imagination without limits and that, in the space of two years, gave rise to two albums, Panoramix, from 2017, and Bonanza, to be edited in 2018. They can start from fantasy but create their own legend, that which is inspired by life for become "for life".

Origin: Lisbon / Portugal

Genre: Pop Avant-Garde

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